Super Bowl Recap and the Best Assistant Coaches in the NFL | Episode 28

Marc and Ben are back to recap the Super Bowl snoozefest, giving their thoughts on all the penalty and taunting controversy. Later, a discussion about the NFL awards breaks into an ultra in-depth listing of the most unheralded coaches in the league.

Interview with Former Eagles Lineman Ian Park and Super Bowl Preview | Episode 27

This week, Ian Park joins to talk his time with the Eagles, football in Japan, and crazy concussion protocol stories. Along with the interview, Marc and Ben break down the Stafford trade and if there’s any chance Deshaun Watson stays in Houston. Finally, they preview the Super Bowl and take on every prop bet they can find.

Conference Championships Recap | Episode 26

Marc and Ben are back once again with plenty of great topics, like why Pro Bowl week sucks, who’s to blame for the Packers’ loss, and who will be the Colts’ starting quarterback next year.

Chiefs-Browns Controversy and Brees’ Last Game? | Episode 25

Episode 25

Marc and Ben are back with an extra-special and extra-long episode 25. This week, they recap the divisional round matchups with discussions about the post-Brees Saints as well as whether the NFL should change the fumble for a touchback rule. Other topics include who are the most unlikeable players in the league and does celebrating actually hurt your team. Lastly, they break down next week’s games and crown their conference champions.

Coaching Carousel and Wildcard Recap | Episode 24

Episode 24

Marc and Ben are back with their takes on the NFL on Nickelodeon debut and the first round of playoff football. Also, Marc gives his list of the top head coach candidates.

Playoff Preview and Regular Season Recap | Episode 23

Episode 23

Marc and Ben are here to take you through the transition from regular season to postseason with in-depth breakdowns of every Wild Card game. Also, they hit on various topics around the league, including why the Dolphins and Giants deserve no sympathy for missing the playoffs, a foolproof plan for the Cowboys to go undefeated next year, and if Derrick Henry is worthy of the Madden 99 Club.

Sixthstringqb Episode 22

Episode 22

Marc and Ben are back to give you the greatest Christmas present of all: another episode of the greatest podcast ever made. This week, they discuss the most overrated player in the league, the biggest Pro Bowl snub, and if the Steelers are slumping or revealing their true selves. As always, stick around for rapid-fire predictions for next week’s games.

Sixthstringqb Episode 21

Episode 21

Marc and Ben are back to bless your ears with the greatest football podcast ever made. This week, they discuss a sleeper team who could win the NFC, whether Aaron Rodgers already has the MVP award locked up, and if Jon Gruden is the right coach for the Raiders. As always, stay tuned for a recap of every game from this week as well as rapid fire predictions for the Week 15 slate.

Sixthstringqb Episode 20

Episode 20

Marc and Ben are back again to break down the Eagles’ QB dilemma, who’s to blame for the Cardinals’ recent slump, and if the Saints offense is more dangerous with Taysom Hill or Drew Brees. As always, stay tuned for a recap of every game from this week as well as rapid fire predictions for the Week 14 slate.

Sixthstringqb Episode 19

Episode 19

Marc and Ben are back to talk about how close they were to getting called to play for the Broncos this week, why the NFL is so against the idea of a week 18, and the hottest seats in the NFL. As always, they also break down all the recent games and give rapid fire predictions for next week’s slate.