Sixthstringqb Episode 12

Episode 12

Football is finally back, and Amaël and Ben are here to break down an awesome week 1. They answer questions like can anyone in the AFC stop the Chiefs, who are the most irrelevant teams in the NFL, and how Gardner Minshew and Baker Mayfield must have switched bodies.

Also, they each give their standout and most disappointing teams from the games as well as their standout and most disappointing players. Then, they look ahead to week 2 by detailing the most and least exciting matchups.

Sixthstringqb Episode 11

Episode 11

Football is back. With the season opener tomorrow, start your day off right with an epic episode from Amaël and Ben. They hit on topics like the real reason Mitch Trubisky won the qb battle over Nick Foles, how NFL GMs actually make day three picks, and what it would be like to have the lowest overall in Madden history. To wrap it up, they drop the hottest takes you’ve ever heard for the 2020 season.

Sixthstringqb Episode 10

Episode 10

It’s crunch time before football and school start back up again, and Amaël and Ben are back after a short, laziness-fueled vacation. To make up for the delay, we have an extra long episode hitting on topics like why Ryan Fitzpatrick is the key to world peace, the crazy Vic Beasley saga that deserves way more attention, and which fanbase has had a tougher go, the Jags or Jets.

Following that, they share their fantasy genius with the world by giving sleepers and bust at every position. If you want to become a fantasy titan or need specialty punter or IDP advice, these are the people to listen to.

Sixthstringqb Episode 9

Episode 9

This week’s topics include what would happen if an NFL team just refused to obey the salary cap, the NFL’s potential referee opt-out nightmare, and players’ coaches vs. authoritarian coaches.

Then, Amaël gives his very unofficial record predictions for every team along with hot takes about a legendary quarterback retiring midseason and another whose departure will unexpectedly doom his old team.

Sixthstringqb Podcast Episode 8

Sixthstringqb Episode 8

This week, Amaël and Ben hit on a wide range of topics including The Rock’s secret motivation behind buying the XFL, which celebrities could make it in the NFL, and the utility of Rapunzel’s hair. Later, they break down a reddit post about the stupidest superpowers and stumble upon the cause of schizophrenia.

Sixthstringqb Podcast Episode 7

Sixthstringqb Episode 7

Amaël and Ben break down this crazy week of NFL news before the return of the infamous debate segment. This time, they answer the popular meme question of picking two animals to defend you against an attack by the others before spiraling into arguments about the military capabilities of France and Israel and who would win a war between America and Canada.