Sixthstringqb Podcast Episode 8

Sixthstringqb Episode 8

This week, Amaël and Ben hit on a wide range of topics including The Rock’s secret motivation behind buying the XFL, which celebrities could make it in the NFL, and the utility of Rapunzel’s hair. Later, they break down a reddit post about the stupidest superpowers and stumble upon the cause of schizophrenia.

Sixthstringqb Podcast Episode 7

Sixthstringqb Episode 7

Amaël and Ben break down this crazy week of NFL news before the return of the infamous debate segment. This time, they answer the popular meme question of picking two animals to defend you against an attack by the others before spiraling into arguments about the military capabilities of France and Israel and who would win a war between America and Canada.

Sixthstringqb Podcast Episode 6

Sixthstringqb Episode 6

Amaël and Ben are back to break down all the crazy NFL news and rumors. Then, they once again bash the Madden and ESPN position rankings—this time with tight ends and wide receivers. As usual, they also get sidetracked and reminisce about or debate various topics.

Sixthstringqb Podcast Episode 5

Sixthstringqb Episode 5

A ton has happened since our last episode, and we’re here to break it all down for you. Amaël and Ben detail the good and bad about every new contract and hit on serious issues like Desean Jackson’s comments and Washington’s name change. Then, they tee off on Madden and ESPN for their terrible position rankings.

Sixthstringqb Podcast Episode 4

Sixthstringqb Episode 4

We have a huge episode 4 for you guys, with Amaël and Ben dissecting the biggest stories of the week and then putting on their thinking caps for this week’s main segment. After hours of research, we give you the division with the most talent and the division with the least talent at each position group.

Sixthstringqb Podcast Episode 2

Sixthstringqb Episode 2

Amaël and Ben are back with an extra-long second episode. They start by redoing their teams’ first-round picks from 2014-18 before debating the best breakfast foods. Stick around for discussions on why Drew Brees doesn’t get the same hate as Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers and who roller derby’s target group is.